Minecraft dungeons

Mojang's popular hack-and-slash RPG, Minecraft Dungeons will get a significant content update on December 14, 2021. Seasonal Adventures will begin with Cloudy Climb, and continue through the second season.

The new Seasonal Adventures format will be available to Minecraft Dungeons upon its global release in just over a week. The new format allows heroes to earn Adventure Points, level up an Adventure Pass-like Battle Pass and unlock tiers. They also get different rewards. Each Seasonal Adventure will have its own theme. The first release is Cloudy Climb.

What can players look forward to from Cloudy Climb in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons players will have access to the Tower, which offers new challenges and rewards in addition to the Adventure Pass. This area offers over 30 floors of hack and slash chaos, which allows players to earn cosmetics like flairs or pets that are similar to the Adventure Pass. Developers also revealed new mobs, including the Powersmith.

Replayability is one of the Tower's most interesting features. A stream from Minecraft LIVE 2021 revealed that the Tower's layout would change over time. This will provide Minecraft Dungeons players with an entirely new experience, allowing them to avoid having to traverse the Tower and experiencing stale gameplay.

The date when the Tower will unlock for players is unknown at this time. However, it will be available from the map table of a hero's base and its marker will be near the Squid Coast.

When Cloudy Climb, Minecraft Dungeons' new Seasonal Adventure releases on December 14, heroes will have lots to do. Players who complete the Adventure Pass will find a wide variety of cosmetics. The Adventure Pass will offer new challenges that allow players to explore familiar areas and also give them the chance to fight in new locations like the Tower. Cloudy Climb is just the beginning of Seasonal Adventures in Minecraft Dungeons.