Minecraft best netherite seeds

Netherite, Minecraft's most powerful and efficient equipment, is highly sought-after by players who want to make excellent weapons, armor, and tools.

Netherite ingots can be earned in two ways, for the most part. They have two options: they can mine ancient debris blocks in the Nether and make them into nether scraps to turn into netherite, or they can find netherite inggots from bastion structures.

There are many seeds that can be used to help players acquire netherite regardless of how they choose to do so. These seeds are worth looking at for netherite ingots and ancient debris.

Minecraft: Amazing seeds to find ancient debris and netherite Ingots

10) Netherite Bastion (-3361410494056691919)

Minecraft players have the opportunity to find many goodies by searching bastion remnants. This includes netherite scraps and ingots. The seed will take players to an innocuous forest that is not much more than a basic guide. There should be a ruined Nether portal at the coordinates (X-24, Z: 72), which will allow players to access the Nether more easily.

Once players have entered the fiery dimension, they will find a treasure chest close by at the coordinates (X 32, Z 192). A second treasure room is also available at (X:80, Z:-400), which gives players many opportunities to find netherite.

9) Village Spawn and Ruined Portal (5628804233082131096)

A village can be a great place to start Minecraft, allowing players to speed up their journey to the Nether. This seed also features a nearby portal at (X. -376, Z. -472), which allows players to quickly access netherite ingots/scrap, and possibly even ancient debris.

The bastion is located at (X:-304, Z; -656). It also has a treasure room that contains potential netherite items. If you dig around the bastion, you might find some blocks of ancient debris.

8) 3 Netherite Ingots with Diamond Armor and Sword/Pickaxe (4146472180283532830)

Another Minecraft seed that launches players in a fairly uneventful forest biome. A nearby ruined Nether portal can be found at (X:184, Z: 8) and provides quick Nether access. After they have entered the Nether, players can go to (X: 160; Z: -800) which has a treasure room filled with goodies. You will find many other lootable chests throughout the complex, which makes it a wonderful place to collect a wide range of items.

The seed's loot tables in this bastion offer a variety of items, including netherite ingots and a diamond chestplate. There are also an enchanted pickaxe, standard diamonds, and some standard diamonds. While the results of other players may differ depending on how the seed handles loot chests and such, many Reddit users have had positive experiences with this seed.

7) Ancient Debris Clusters (912111289)

This seed is great for Minecraft players who are willing to do some ancient debris mining. There are clusters of this block at specific coordinates, making it an ideal place. Although the seed was intended for Bedrock Edition, it should also work in Java Edition.

Players can also find large amounts of diamonds throughout the Overworld. They will be able to locate a group of ancient debris blocks in the Nether starting at the coordinates (X 46, Y 5, Z 47), with additional ancient debris within a 10-block radius from the first ancient debris. This should provide enough ancient debris for Minecraft players to quickly build some netherite gear.

6) Hybrid Bastion/Nether Fortress (71196647).

This particular seed allows Minecraft players to experience a bit of a generation anomaly and their potential netherite products. Players spawn near a savannah settlement, which gives them plenty of opportunities to quickly collect supplies. The ruined portal, located just a short distance from the spawn (X 56, Z 40), has something very interesting on its other side.

When Minecraft players reach the Nether, they will find a bastion (treasure area at X, 0, Z, 16), which intersects with a Nether fortress, X, -69, Z, 43. Once players have looted the bastion for netherite they can use their newly acquired gear to quickly head to the Nether Fortress to kill some blazes and get blaze rods to speed up their progress through Survival Mode.

5) Large Ancient Debris Cluster (589342802)

Although this seed might not seem like a lot to begin with for Minecraft players, its Nether component contains a large grouping of ancient materials. Players can find some quality ancient debris in the area at (X:-1011, Z: 14 and Z:103). Although it is not the most safe area to travel to, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Players will try to make their Nether portals as close to the Overworld coordinates as possible in order to reduce travel time to the debris.

4) Double Bastion (-1908439164282928017)

This seed is for Minecraft players. They will need to be more patient to learn how to navigate the area. To give themselves an advantage, players may find a village in the taiga at (X:-208, Z; 1,136).

However, Minecraft players should find two nearby bastions once they enter the Nether. Their treasure rooms are only a few hundred block apart at (X -592 Z: 176) or (X -272 Z: 176). Although there is no guarantee that these bastions will drop netherite, it is possible to find two bastions within the Nether.

3) Ruined Portal to Double Bastions (-8137946543948496127)

This is another double bastion remnant seed in Minecraft. It's a little more advantageous to players at the point of spawn. The ruins portal can be found at (X.184, Z.104). This allows players to access the Nether faster once they have the obsidian.

Minecraft players will be able to navigate the Nether to (X. 112, Z. 448) or (X. -182, Z. 512). While the former bastion is located in the Nether wastes biome, the latter rests in a warped wood. These bastions are extremely close together and have double the chance to grab quick netherite.

2) Large Ancient Debris Stash (589342802)

This is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Seed. It allegedly contains a larger number of ancient debris blocks that players can mine. The seed starts with the player in a small biome of plains adjacent to a river. Players can find vast amounts of treasure hidden in the plains and deserts that lie across the river. Players can also find more treasure troves in the Nether.

Specifically, players will find a large collection of ancient debris at the coordinates (X. -1011, Y. 14, Z. 103). The seed was uploaded to Reddit prior to Minecraft 1.18.2. It's not clear if the ancient debris remains intact.

1) The Infinite Repeating Seed

This seed was discovered by the Minecraft community. It has been displayed by many YouTubers, Redditors and YouTubers. The seed was found through extensive study of Minecraft's world generation tools. This particular seed can be repeated indefinitely in every dimension. Players who find one piece (such as the one at Z: -2282, Y: 15 or 2362) of ancient debris can just follow the pattern to find more.

This seed allows players to quickly accumulate a large amount of ancient debris efficiently and quickly without having to worry about searching the Nether for single ancient debris blocks or finding bastions for loot.