Minecraft: a bastion of peace and quiet

You think of videogames when you think of "Call of Duty," Fortnite, and other shooting and war simulators. This allows adults to ensure that every game is a digital wasteland that will ruin their lives, which is what they do. These videogames, however, ruin the title of the most popular and (ironically), simplest game ever created.

Mincraft holds the title of most downloaded game in the globe. In the week ending Dec. 13, Mincraft reached 1.00 trillion views on YouTube. This is a testament to its influence on youth and the global population. It is, however, a vehicle for unlimited creativity and a significant source of stress-relief, unlike other video-games.

It is often criticised for being too easy. Many will argue that Minecraft is just a collection of blocks. But this could be why it is so useful and widespread. There are no restrictions. There are no restrictions. You can have fun with anyone you like, play with anybody you like, and build anything you want.

Since middle school when I received my first computer, I have had the privilege of being a minecrafter. My friends and I have worked together to create detailed and complete projects over the years.

The first, called "Frosty's Frontier," consisted of a small mining community with living quarters as well as a coal mine. The next was "eggcity", as I choose to call it. It is a modern, urban area with a mall and the fountain of eggs. Our creations have evolved over time and are more complex and ambitious. This year, we plan to recreate Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel.

Minecraft can be a great escape from stressful situations. It also allows you to express your creativity and have fun. Sometimes, after a hard day at school, you want to just build a huge potato out of dirt. You might want to relax after work and try to raise the famed, legendary, and highly sought-after 12 slot llama.

Minecraft is a video-game that offers a lot of creativity and stress relief. The game has been used by health professionals to provide Therapy and mindfulness exercises.

Video games should not be considered more important than family, schoolwork, and being productive members of society. Video games should not be demonized and made to seem inherently evil. This would limit creativity and enjoyment. Instead, we should embrace the simple pleasures of virtual gems and mindlessly breaking down blocks in light the stressful lives that we lead.

There are plenty of Minecraft servers out there filler with eneregetic action and excitement. However if you're looking to insert a bit of peace and relaxation into your life, you can check out this Minecraft server list.