Mangrove trees in Minecraft

Minecraft's 1.19 update, also known as The Wild Update, will make major changes to the game's existing mechanics. It will also include some new content, particularly in regards to wildlife and biomes.

Mangrove trees are a new type of tree that has been introduced to swamp biomes. These trees will not only appear in the standard swamp biomes but they will also appear in their biomes known as mangrove swamps.

These new features will be added to Minecraft in 2022. It's worth looking at what we know about mangrove trees.

Minecraft: Mangrove tree growth and breakdown

Mangroves are not like other Minecraft trees. They grow from what's called a propagule. The block will come in two forms: a standard and a fruit form.

Both can grow into full-fledged mangrove trees. However, a Minecraft tree doesn't usually have two blocks that start it. Even though they may not be immediately apparent, these different types of propagules serve a distinct purpose.

Mangroves can be used to make bone meal or decorate their logs like other trees. There are many options: slabs, steps, fences and gates, trapdoors, buttons, buttons, pressure plates, boats, and gates.

Although it is not known if these leaf blocks can be used for other purposes, Mojang might shed some light to the Minecraft community. This process has been used with other trees like oak and spruce, so players shouldn't expect any different for mangroves.

Mangrove trees have roots that are exposed and grow much like real trees. It appears that these roots can also become waterlogged, according to the Minecraft LIVE 2021 stream.

Officially, mangrove trees were announced for Minecraft's The Wild Update. However, more information could be released as the update gets closer to release.

Minecraft players will need to wait and watch as the new tree type develops.

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