How to get Mending enchant in Minecraft

Mending is a powerful enchantment that Minecraft players know well. Mending is a "treasure" spell that can't be created via traditional methods, such as an enchanting table.

This enchantment is one of the most important items in Minecraft. It can restore the durability of player's weapons, armor, and tools on the move. Each piece of gear has a durability meter. The item is destroyed when the durability meter runs out and can't be recovered.

Mending prevents this by absorbing any experience the player gains through activities such as mining ores or killing mobs, smelting ores or cooking food. The XP is then used to repair any equipment that has been randomly damaged.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

Minecraft players can't get Mending or any other treasure-enchantment on an magical table, as mentioned previously. This means players will need to hunt it down, as it is known to be very difficult to find.

Below are some sources that might generate the Mending Enchantment.

1) Chest loot

There are many chests within Minecraft's various structures. These chests contain loot, which can be used to create an enchanted books or the Mending enchantment.

End Cities, Desert temples and Dungeons are some structures that could generate such chests. The highest likelihood of any structure generating the Mending book is End Cities.

2) Trading

To use this method, players must find a village that has a Librarian villager. Players can create a Lectern to place anywhere within the village if a Librarian isn't available.

This will encourage unemployed villager to approach the lecterns in order to start their new job, as humble librarians. The player can trade with a librarian to increase their chances of obtaining the Mending Book.

3. Fishing

One of the most enjoyable parts of Minecraft is fishing. Fishing is a great way to relax and catch fish.

This is a great way to find rare books. Players must throw their lines into the water, and hope for a Mending Enchanted Book to appear.

Fun fact: The Infinity and Mending enchantments do not work together. This means players can only use one enchantment on their weapon (in this case, a bow).

Commands can be used to make both enchantments work together.