How to get ender pearls in Minecraft

Although Minecraft 1.18 was a major update, many items still hold their value. Ender pearls still have a lot of value, even more so with Caves & Cliffs now live. These pearls were great for travel, but they can now be used to climb taller mountains faster.

These aren't very common so there aren’t many ways to get them. These are the best ways to get them.

5) Loot

They can be spawned in Minecraft Java Edition's stronghold altar chest. However, it is very rare. This chest is very difficult to find and has a 23% chance that it will contain an ender pearl. This chance drops to 22.6% in Bedrock, making it an extremely rare find.

4) Staying awake at night

They will spawn at night, when the light level is zero, just like all hostile mobs. Although they aren't the most popular mob, they will usually drop one or more ender pearls when killed. Although they are hard to kill, this is the easiest way to get rid of them.

3) Visiting a Warped Forest

There are two places where they can spawn if they aren't spawning regularly. One of these places is the Warped Forest in The Nether. Although it's dangerous, the blue-colored biome is home to tons of Endermen, making it an ideal place to grow ender pearls.

2) The End

The End is the place where all Endermen live and is often swarming. Although it's dangerous to visit just to find ender pearls this is the best place to get them. You shouldn't be too interested in their eyes while you are there.

1) Trading

Trade for ender pearls is the best and most secure way to obtain them. Level five cleric villager have 67% chance of trading an ender pearl in Java Edition for 5 emeralds. These same cleric villager will always trade one ender pearl in Bedrock Edition for five emeralds.