Automatic pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Minecraft players should farm items. This allows them to collect items consistently and reliably. Automated farms are usually a self-generating resource. They will gather lots of resources for players while they do other more pressing tasks.

This is how Minecraft players can create an automated pumpkin farm to sustain their survival worlds.

This guide will show you how to build an automatic pumpkin farm in Minecraft.

In grassy biomes, players can find pumpkins easily. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find pumpkins when players are in need of them. Good news is that players have the ability to create an automated farm that generates enough pumpkins so that they never run out.

NaMiature created this build on YouTube. It showcases the many uses for this amazing pumpkin farm.

Step 1: Dig a hole 8 blocks in the ground

Minecraft players should dig a hole 8 blocks in diameter.

Step 2: Fill the hole with water

The water bucket can be used to fill the hole. It is always good to have a water source nearby in Minecraft.

Step 3: Remove one block from the end of your hole and dig two blocks down

Players will have to dig one block at the end of the hole from the other side. Players should also ensure that they dig down two blocks.

Then, they should also dig two blocks at the end of their hole. This allows them to place a chest or a hopper.

Step 4: Use a hopper or a chest to fill in the gaps you have just made

The players will need to fill in the gaps they have made with a hopper or a chest. This will allow pumpkins they harvest to be automatically gathered into the chest.

Step 5: Place the pistons on each other block beginning at the end.

The pistons should be placed at the end of each hole by Minecraft players. These should be placed on every block. Players can place the observers between them.

Step 6: Position observers between the pistons

The observers will be placed between the pistons by Minecraft players. This is an important step in the process as it will allow the pistons know when to harvest the pumpkins.

Step 7: Position blocks behind the observers

Players will need blocks to be placed behind observers. Redstone dust will be placed behind the pistons to help them function properly.

Step 8: Add redstone dust to each piston

Redstone dust should be placed behind each piston. Players must ensure it is the cross-pattern version of redstone dust to allow it to work properly.

Step 9: Place a hoe in front of the observers.

To plant pumpkin seeds, players will need to hold a hoe up in front to the observers. This will allow them to see the growth.

Step 10: Plant pumpkin seeds in front the observers

The players will have to plant pumpkin seeds right in front of observers so they can see how the pumpkins grow.

Step 11: Create a 2-block high wall around the farm to protect it from the elements and keep the pumpkins in the inside of the house until they are harvested.

After the players are done with the farm, they can place a glass wall around the perimeter to protect it and allow for any items inside.